When it comes to computer repair in the New Jersey area, we can fix just about anything. We happily work on both Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and are just as comfortable on a laptop as we are on a desktop.

Our team of technicians can handle everything from replacing the screen on your laptop to fixing the charging issues you might be having. We do basic home networking all the way up to enterprise level business networking and everything in between. Virus and malware removal, computer tune ups, data recovery and more are all on the list of services we specialize in.

  Microsoft Windows PC Computer Repair

At Elite Computers LLC, fixing PCs that run Microsoft Windows is one of our specialties. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, and regardless of the manufacturer, there is almost nothing that we are not capable of fixing. Please view our PC Repair page for more information.

  Apple iMac and Macbook Computer Repair
We currently work on all Apple Computers, including iMacs, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Airs. The best part about having us fix your Mac compared to the Apple Store, is that our prices on labor are typically 50% cheaper than what they will charge. Our turn around time is usually a matter or hours or days, where as for them it is weeks or months. And where as they are unable to do any type of data recovery should your Apple hard drive crash, we can! Unless your Mac is still under warranty, having us repair your system is a win win. Please view our Apple Repair page for more information.
  Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Ransom-ware Removal
Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Adware, and Ransom-ware is one of the most common problems that PC users face these days on their computers. All it takes to get infected can be visiting the wrong web site, clicking the wrong link, or downloading the wrong attachment. Once infected, your computer can be crippled with popups, search bars, and other annoying and invasive features that track your every move on the internet, all to effectively advertise to you better. Cleaning these infections is something that we specialize in, and can usually complete right in front of you. We always automatically tune up your computer after cleaning any infections, to make sure whatever damage has been done gets nullified. Please view our virus removal page for more information.
  Liquid Damage and Water Damage Repairs for Macbooks and Laptops
Did you spill water or some other liquid on your Macbook or Laptop? Liquid damage is just about the worst thing that can happen to a computer outside of dropping it off a building or setting it on fire. The good news is that a lot of the time your machine is still fixable. Please view our Liquid Damage Repair page for more information ASAP as time is of the essence when you have a spill.
There is a lot of information to take it when it comes liquid spill repairs, and we tried to write a comprehensive guide on what you might be facing.
  Data Recovery
We know how important your data is, and how scary it can be when your hard drive crashes. At Elite Computers we have state of the art data recovery equipment and software to help retrieve what is most precious to you. Whether your hard drive crashed, or you accidentally deleted a file or partition, we can almost always get you back on track. Currently we are successful about 98% of the time. We also highly recommend cloud backup solutions such as iDrive… for less than $5.00 a month every document, photo, movie or song you have will forever be protected, automatically. Please take a look at our data recovery page for more information.
  Cracked and Broken Laptop Screen Replacements
If your laptop screen is cracked, isn’t giving a display, or is giving a partial or fragmented display, there is a strong likelihood that you need to have your screen replaced. At Elite Computers, we specialize in replacements for both PC and Mac laptop screens. The vast majority of laptop screens need to be special ordered, though most we can get in stock within 2 business days. We can help you identify your model # over the phone and give an accurate quote within just a few minutes of you calling. Please take a look at out laptop screen repair page for more information.
  Charging Issues / Charging Ports Repairs and Replacements
If the connector where your power adapter plugs in to your computer is loose, or if the pin is bent, power and charging complications can arise. This component is called a DC jack, and Elite Computers LLC of Northern NJ is capable of making this replacement. The good news is that the parts are usually pretty cheap, more often than not less than $10.00. Whether it needs to be soldered or whether it attaches directly to your motherboard, we are more than capable of both. If your computer is powering on fine, but your battery will not hold a charge, it is likely you just need a new battery! Please take a look at our laptop charging repair page for more information.

  Computer Tune Ups Replacements

Is your computer acting sluggish or slow? Getting random error messages, or are updates failing to load? Maybe your computer takes a lot longer to boot or to shut down than it used to? It is possible that your system needs a computer tune up to start running again like it used to. It is also possible that your operating system has become corrupted. While it sounds bad, it is pretty common. Under either scenario, we are well prepared and here to serve.

  Hardware Repair / Installations

When it comes to installing your new computer hardware, or repairing your old, we have got you covered. Whether you need to install a new solid state hard drive, upgrade a graphics card, or fix a broken DC jack on a laptop, our technicians are ready to assist you. Please take a look at our hardware repair page to view more information.

  Internet Connectivity
There is almost nothing more frustrating these days than a poor internet connection. When a connection becomes intermittent (drops in and out), or when a signal gives out completely, we are ready to act to help you get back online. We can also get all of your home computers networked together, so that everyone can share files and printers etc. A solid home network and a strong internet connection is a quick way to a happy technology life in your home. Please take a look at our Internet Connectivity page for more information.
  Wireless Networking / Home Networking
When you are unable to connect to the internet, it is always best to give your internet service provider a call (Comcast, AT&T etc.) If the issue is on their end, there won’t be anything that we are able to do to help you. If they determine however that the issue isn’t on their end, then we would be more than happy to help you resolve your issues. Internet / WIFI issues can be caused by either a hardware or a software problem. Regardless of which it is, our team is highly prepared to resolve your issues and get you back online a.s.a.p!

Need help setting up a wireless network at your house? Or maybe you want to make it so that all of your computers can share files with each other, or share the family printer? Whether you are looking to set up a wireless or a wired home network, we have got you covered. Our team can help make recommendations on any hardware you might need, and then set it up for you so that it is fast, optimal, and easy to understand. Please take a look at our Wireless Networking and Home Networking page for more information.

  Business Networking
Whether you have 3 employees, or 300, our team is prepared to handle your networking needs. Whether you need help maintaining or fixing your existing network, or setting one of up from scratch – we are prepared. Custom built servers, raid configurations, email set up / management, remote desktop support, cabling… it is all within our scope and we are here to serve. Please take a look at our Business IT Services page for more information.


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