Hard Disk – HDD, USB, SSD & SSHD Data Recovery Cost

Estimated data recovery cost for Laptop / Desktop PC / Portable Hard drives (USB HDD), Solid state drives (SATA SSD), Solid State Hybrid Hard Drives (SSHD) & Camera Hard Disk Drives.

Media Type: Hard Disk HDD / SATA SSD / SSHD / USB Portable Hard drives (PATA, ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0 C Type or External portable hard drives)

Brands: Seagate Expansion and Backup plus, Western Digital Elements & Passport series Mybook, Toshiba Canvio, Hitachi, HGST, Samsung, Fujitsu, Maxtor, HP, IBM, Quantum, IOmega, Transcend, Dell, Lenovo, Lacie and all brands of personal hard drives are covered in the following data recovery cost.

Hard Disk – HDD, USB SSD & SSHD Data Recovery

Recovery Type Media / Drive Condition Quote (INR) Time
Level 1: Logical Recovery Format Recovery, Partition Loss,
Deleted Files & Folders.Media Condition: Good & Working
2,000 /- to 3,000 /- 1 – 2 Working Day
Level 1: Overwritten Logical Recovery New Operating System Installation,
Partition Overwrite, or
new data overwrite.Media Condition: Good & Working
3,000 /- to 4,500 /- 2 Days
Level 2: Electronic or PCB Board Issues Circuit / PCB board Electronic Failure / Damaged due to power failure or excess voltage. Above 3,000 /- 2 to 4 Days
Level 2: Firmware Damages Firmware / Service Area issues. Above 6,000 /- 2 to 4 Days
Level 2: Disk Error Recovery CRC Errors,
IO Errors,
Windows Delayed Write Failure,
Bad Sectors
Above 5,000 /- Depends on Error size & Media condition. 3 to 5 Days
Level 3: Motor Issues No Motor rotation,
Buzzing Noise,
Beeping Noise,
Spindle Motor rotation issue,
Motor RPM issues,
Problem in Rotations
Above 8,000 /- Depends on Work and Spares required. during work. 3 to 5 Days
Level 3: Media / Physical Level Issues Clicking Noise,
Scratching Noise,
Click of Death,
Media Level Failure,
Knocking Noise,
Drilling Noise,
Slow Clicks and Beeps
Above 12,000 /- Varies on Drive Capacity, Work & Donor drives required. 5 to 15 Days
Level 4: Water / Fire Level Damaged Drives Water damaged due to drenched media or water spilling on the disk, Fire damages the hard drive with burning on the electronics and hard disk upper metal surface or enclosure.
Drive damages due to excess fall and enclose is bent due to pressure or height of damages.
Above 15,000 /- Depends on Work & Donor drives. 15 to 25 Days.
Level 4: Tampered Drive Data Recovery Tampered Hard drives from other non-professional companies, or Computer vendors or DIY Activity on own has lead the media handled in Non-Clean room environment. Above 15,000 /- + First Component or Donor Drive risk charges to be paid by customer. 15 to 25 Days

Encrypted Drive Recovery Price-List

Hard Drive HDD and Solid State Drives SSD, SSHD reasonable and cheap data recovery cost for Encryption like Bit-locker, PGP, Symantec endpoint encryption, True-crypt, McAfee encryption, Checkpoint, FileVault of Macintosh drives, Safeguard, EFS, Sofos encryption and other password protected drives.

Media Type: Hard Disk HDD / SSD / SSHD (PATA, ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0 or external portable hard drives)

Encrypted Hard Drive & SSD Recovery

Recovery Type Media / Drive Condition Media Type Quote (INR) Time
Level 1: ENCRYPTED HARD DISK or SSD RECOVERY Media without Errors. Operating system issues or decryption errors. (ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0), SSD, SSHD
Bitlocker and Truecrypt
8,000 /- 5 Days
Level 2: Media with Sector Errors (Detected but cannot access due to multiple bad sectors) (ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0), SSD, SSHD, Bitlocker and Truecrypt Above 12,000 /- 8 Days
Level 3: Media with HDD Not Detected. Clicking & Grinding Noise drives. (ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0), SSD, SSHD, Bitlocker and Truecrypt Above 18,000 /- 12 to 18 Days
Level 3: Media without Errors. Operating system issues or decryption errors. (ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0), SSD, SSHD
Mc-Cafe Endpoint & Safeboot Encryption
Symantic Boot & Full Disk Encryption
PGP Encryption
TrendMicro, Sofos, Pointsec..
Other encrypted media
Above 12,000 /- Additional Charges for Hardware or Physical issues. Upto 15 Days

Server & RAID Array Data Recovery Charges

Best Business Server / RAID data retrieval charges for failure of drives or data loss in NAS, SAN, DAS, Drobo for Mac Book Storage, Workstation, Personal cloud storage.

Brands: HP prolient, IBM, Dell power edge, Quantum, Lenovo Think server & NAS, EMC2, Supermicro, Fujitsu, Scan server, Asus Tower server, Iomega, Lacie, Drobo and other server brands covered for server data retrieval charges.

Server & RAID Array Recovery

Recovery Type Media / Drive Condition Media Type Quote (INR) Time
SERVER & RAID Array RECOVERY Level 1: Software RAID, with drives in healthy condition. Rebuilding Software corrupted RAID Configuration Above 12,000 /- 1 to 3 Days
Level 2: RAID Error RAID configuration Error
Construction of RAID Failure
Damaged file structure due to wrong configuration.
RAID Controller Failure
Media Condition: Good
Rebuilding Hardware corrupted RAID Configuration
Above 16,000 /- 2 to 4 Days
Level 2: Disk Errors in RAID Disk Error recovery for Drive with Sector Errors
IO Errors
Windows Delayed Write Failure
Bad Sectors
CRC Errors in Server HDD
(SCSI, SAS, eSATA, ATA, SATA, Damaged RAID Configuration) Above 22,000 /- 3 to 5 Days
Level 3: Physical Issues in RAID Media Level Hardware Damage Recovery for Server Hard Disk with Clicking Noises & Grinding Noise Media Level recovery for damaged media of drives
(SCSI, SAS, eSATA, ATA, SATA, RAID Configuration)
Above 30,000 /- 12 to 18 Days
Level 3: Complex RAID Array Complex RAID Array in NAS, SAN, DAS Devices, SAN Over IP Data Recovery. and storage units more than 5 Drives. Please Contact for Analysis and Details.

Flash Drive & SSD Data Recovery Cost

Cost for data extraction from Flash and SSD like Pen Drive, Memory Cards, SD Card, CF Card, Non-SATA like m-SATA B Type or M Type, M2 SSD, windows and Mac book SSD drives.

Brands: Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung, Lenovo, Macbook Pro, Toshiba, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Synix and Drone camera cards and other brands are covered in our data recovery lab.

Flash Drive & SSD Data Recovery

Recovery Type Media / Drive Condition Media Type Quote (INR) Time
Level 2: FLASH Data Recovery Slow Reading or delayed detection in Flash Drive like Pen Drives, Memory Cards, SD Cards, CF Card, Motion camera Memory chips. Pen Drive, Memory Cards, SD Card, CF Card Above 4,500 /- Depends on Work and Spares 2 to 4 Days
Level 2: SSD Data Recovery Non Detecting SSD or capacity is changed to default 8 MB or other than its original capacity. NAND Drive data recovery. External usb SSD (Solid State Drives), MAC Book Air / Pro Drives, Latest Laptop M2 Drives and other slots. Above 18,000 Depends on Work and Spares 10 to 15 Days

File Repair and Recovery Cost

File repair and Recovery for corrupted and damaged files and database corruption retrieval.

File and Database Repair

Recovery Type Type of Database files Kind of Recovery Quote (INR) Time
Powerpoint (.PPT, .PPTX)
Archieves (.ZIP, .RAR .TAR..)
For Bulk Recovery – Contact with sample file Rs. 500 /- Per File 2 Days
Corrupt Images (.JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, .BMP..)
Videos (.AVI, .MP4, .MOV, .FLV, .WMV, .ASF, .MPG..)
Music (.WAV, .MP3..)..
For Bulk Recovery – contact with Sample file Rs. 500 /- Per File 2 Days
Mail Repair –
Corrupt MS Outlook (.PST),
Lotus Notes Repair (.NSF)
For Bulk Recovery – Contact with sample file. Rs. 2,500 /- Per File 2 Days
MSSQL & MySQL Database Repair
(.SQL, .MDF, .BAK..)Files,
Oracle DBF Files,
Tally Database DBF & CDX Files.
Per File or Bulk Recovery Contact Us 2 Days
Onsite Data Recovery For Server and RAID array recovery only, Consultation & Data Recovery. The recovery may or may not be possible onsite, but the preliminary analysis can be undertaken on the spot. Per onsite visit within Bangalore & India Contact for More Details
Online Data Recovery “Team Viewer” /
“Ammy Admin”
Drive Condition: Good, Bad drives cannot be supported online.
Per Session Worldwide Contact for More Details

  1. Logical Level Problems:-
    Issues: Accidentally Deleted files, Formatted, Overwritten, Partition Data Loss etc kind of issues can be recovered in 1 or 2 days of time. For more information on logical recovery, check out our logical data recovery service.
  2. Hardware Level Problems:-
    Issues: CRC Errors or Bad Sector Recovery, Firmware or Service Area Issues, PCB Damages.
    Time: 2 to 5 days at medium or low value.
  3. Physical or Media Level Problems:-
    Issues: Media level issues are very complex such as Clicking Noise, Motor Issues, Scratching Noise, Grinding Noise and this might require a professional and advanced methodology. Hence, such type of problems usually takes 5 to 15 days of time for physical data recovery issues.

Express & Business / Priority data recovery:

Options are available with emergency service. The charges for express information recovery would be relatively more than the charges estimated above. The data extraction can be performed as early as 2 to 4 Working days even for physical data recovery, depending on the spare parts availability, Drive condition and data extraction technology adopted.

Media Analysis:

  1. A thorough analysis will be performed in 4 to 8 hours of time in our data recovery cleam-room Lab in Bangalore.
  2. After completion of the analysis, a detailed report with the technical condition of the drive , time and estimated quote will be provided.
  3. Post customer/client approval we shall initiate the data recovery process.
  4. Either the disk can be submitted to our office location which is in Flanders NJ or we do provide pick-up & Delivery option in Norther NJ Area. For out of state, the hard drive or media can be sent via courier from any place in the United States.

The data backup charges do not vary on the data size that needs to be recovered from the media. It is purely according to the media technical condition or issue in the drive. Our prices are very reasonable and affordable.

Independent of OS installed in crashed media like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, Novell and etc can also be recovered by our data recovery professionals.

Contact us for Corporate tie-ups & Partnership Program with vendor registration for continuous support during data crash and data backup.

Partner with Us

  • Partner or B2B channel partners for complete retrieval solution for quick results and best data accuracy with our latest technology and get discounts for regular work.
  • The drives can be sent to our lab directly or it can be picked-up from Our Flanders NJ location. If it is out-side of Northern NJ or out of State, then you can courier us to the following courier instructions for regular recovery jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s for Data Recovery Cost from Clients:

How much Does the cost vary for data size like per MB or per GB or TB data required ?
No, Cost is estimated on the issue in the device or drive and it is irrespective on the data size. Data Recovery Levels like Level 1, 2, 3, 4 are decided on the same factors i.e time and work involved.

Should i make the payment in advance ?
Payment is payable only after successful data recovery process. There is no concept of advance payment in our company. No Recovery No Charges is our motto.

Do you provide Business or Emergency data recovery services ?
Yes, we do have emergency data recovery services were-in your case will be treated on priority basis, depending on the drive supportability. We can recover data by dedicating an expert team of top experienced professionals and equipments or tools to work on your device and give your data back at the earliest.

For recovering my data do i have to get the laptop / desktop or External hard drive ?

No, Only the failure hard drive is required for us to recover the data. After completion of data recovery, we require a backup hard drive which can be either External, Internal or Portable hard disk to copy the recovered data.

I am not from Northern NJ, but want to avail your data recovery service? How shall i send the hard drive?

The drive can be shipped to us via courier or you can outsource us, you can follow the courier instructions.