We believe in simple, straight forward pricing. No hidden fees.
No unexpected costs. Our repairs are guaranteed.

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Almost all jobs can be
completed in 1 to 2 hours.

Data Recovery




Successful data recovery is billed at a flat rate. Unsuccessful data recovery is possible depending on the failure of the device and will be billed $99. In extreme cases, an advanced data recovery charge of $249 is possible, but will only be performed with your approval.

Laptop Screen Repairs



We charge $149 labor to install a new LCD screen into your laptop, + the cost of parts for the new screen. The parts vary from model to model and can be quoted over the phone.

Power Issues / DC Jacks



We charge a $149 flat rate labor to install or repair your DC jack, or to fix your power / charging issues. The cost of parts is usually $25 or less.

Labor Notes and Payment Methods

You will receive an estimate in advance based on your symptoms of what the repairs should cost. We will never exceed these costs without speaking with you first, should something different or unexpected be found.

Onsite appointments have a minimum charge of $139 which covers your first 1.25 hours.

Our residential computer diagnostics are free of charge, as long as you have us perform any type of repair or recovery service. Otherwise, diagnostics are $119.00

We accept check or credit card for payment. A 3% markup will be added to the cost of parts when paying by credit.

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