Let’s build the computer of your dreams! 

We can build your next custom PC, workstation, or server. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Our custom build service is perfect for beginners and advanced customers! Beginners can consult with our techs and discuss what is important to you, how you’ll be using your PC, and which parts are right for your system. Advanced builders—you know what you want already. You tell us what you want, what you need, and if there’s any special instructions, let us know. Pick your parts, add this product to your cart, and we’ll assemble your PC for you.

Have an expert build your PC

For 24 years, Elite Computers LLC has been building custom systems for engineers, gamers, and creative professionals. Building dream machines for the most demanding users has always been at the heart of our business. There’s nothing we love more than building computers that you can’t find in a store, or even get from another system builder. We don’t put limits on your build. You have total control over all specs. For example, with GPU’s, we offer you much more choice than what tier of performance. We offer you the choice of any manufacturer, any model, multi-GPU setups, overclocking, and more. And if you want a system that looks as good as it performs, you have no limits in deciding if you want your system decked out with RGB lighting elements, color-match components, and a window to admire your choices…or if you want a sleek and discrete look that doesn’t announce the power within. If you have exacting standards for exactly how you want your system built, we will build to your spec. Choose exactly which make/model you want for every single component in the system and how everything is configured. We love building systems for people who know exactly what they want and turn their vision into reality. And we love to offer the benefit of our experience and knowledge to customers who want expert advice on how to spec their dream system. We offer tailored consultation to find out what you want to do with your system, what your budget is, what your future plans are, and anything else we need to know to build your perfect machine. So whether you know exactly what you want, but don’t have the time or desire to deal with building a system, or know what you need to do but don’t know enough to spec the right machine for yourself, we have you covered.


Which tier is right for you? 

Standard Installation Our Standard Custom Build Service is perfect for a standard PC. Whether your system is a home or office desktop, gaming machine, or development workstation, with a Standard Custom Build, you get to choose a completely custom spec, formatting/partitioning, and other essential elements of system design. Advanced Installation Our Advanced Custom Build Service helps you take the next step in customization and spec a multi-GPU build, RAID storage, rackmount form factor servers, and more. Choose your OS: Windows or Linux Operating systems are a choice in themselves. Our standard builds don’t include operating systems because you have the freedom to install your own or choose an OS for us to install for you.

$125 Standard Installation$185 Advanced Installation$179 Workstation/Server
CPU Air Cooler
RAM (Memory)
GPU (Graphics Card)
Storage (SSD / HDD)
PSU (Power Supply)
Window OS Installation+ $30+ $30+ $30
Linux Installation+ $50+ $50+ $50
Burn in test ✔
CPU AIO Cooler+ $40 ✔+ $40
3 or more GPUs
RAID Configuration
Rackmount Server Configuration

Something else?

Our tech team builds any system you can dream of! We’ve built gaming rigs blinged out with RGB, professional graphics and audio workstations, AI/deep-learning servers, testing machines, water-cooled systems, and much more. The only limit is your imagination. Request a quote from one of our technicians through email or phone: or Visit us :

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